How to Clean Your Rug

We can optimize the cleanliness of our house by installing carpets and rugs that trap the dirt from the outside. And just like any other components of our home, we have to clean it to maintain its appearance and durability. You can hire professionals of St Paul rug cleaning to give your rugs a deep clean, but there are also methods that you can do on your own. The following are some helpful tips from us that you can do.  


Area rugs don’t only maintain the cleanliness of the house; they also add aesthetic appeal by pulling the room together. They are the pieces of the puzzle that adds warmth and color to a room. So just imagine if you have a dirty rug lying around the corner. If you maintain them well, area rugs can last for years. You can do a regular cleaning on your own but you also should send it to a professional for a deep clean.  

Cleaning the Rug 

You can start cleaning the rug on your own by vacuuming it first. Vacuum the back and front of the rug to remove the surface debris and dirt. If the vacuum comes with a brush attachment, use that attachment to remove pet hair and other dirt. Roll up the rug and take it outside. Lay it on a patio or driveway; as long as the surface is waterproof it’s already great.  

Next, prepare your cleaning solution. If you’re using the one you bought from the store, just follow the instructions on how to mix the solution and how to apply it to the rug. But most of the commercial cleaning solutions have harsh chemicals that can harm the fiber of the rug. So to be safe, make your own cleaning solution by mixing dish soap and warm water. Don’t use hot water, just the warm one. Test the solution first, and apply it on a small area of the rug. It if doesn’t affect the color, you can use that solution.  

Third, apply the cleaning solution with a soft-bristled cleaning brush or a sponge. Avoid oversaturating the rug. Allow to sit for 5 minutes or so. Rinse the rug with a garden hose. Vacuum the rug to remove the water. After that, leave the rug outdoor and wait until it’s dry. Flip the rug over so the other side will dry off.  

Cleaning Stains From the Rug 

No matter what precautionary measures you do, stains are inevitable. So if you happen to have one on your rug, treat it right away. Make your own mixture of warm water, liquid dish soap and vinegar. Apply the cleaner using a soft cloth. Blot the stains gently, remember to not rub them. Let the solution sit for about 5 minutes. Rinse out the soap by dipping a clean cloth in water and applying it on the rug. Let the rug dry. If the rug has mold or stubborn stains, you can clean it using a mixture of 5 parts water and 1 part hydrogen peroxide.  


4 Benefits of Training Your Dog

Dogs are indeed man’s best friend. Having a dog pet in your home increases your body’s level of serotonin. It means that when you see your dog, there’s a certain happiness that you’re going to feel. Dogs are like our children, they see us as their parents and we love them like our own. Dogs have the intelligence of a toddler, so they can understand how we treat them. They also obey us especially if we have commands. They have the ability to recognize our voice, so training your dogs with few tricks is not going to be that hard.  


Aside from the entertainment factor that a trained dog brings us, there are also a lot of benefits from it. The following are the benefits of dog training near San Luis Obispo 

Saves Your Dog’s Life 

Training a dog increases their level of attention. The more you spend time with them working on commands, the more attention they will pay to what you’re saying. After some time, they will recognize the commands and can follow them immediately. If something bad happens, you can easily get your do’s attention and bring them back to safety. The dog that received obedient training is likely to run out of door and on to the street where it’s not safe. You can call your dog and he/she will recognize your voice right away.  

You Can Take Them to Many Places 

Dogs are naturally playful yet defensive. They will run around the house, jump on your sofa and bark hardly to people they don’t know. When you train your dog, you can teach them commands like going to the bathroom if he needs to pee or poop, sleeping in his assigned bed and to behave around your house. Most of the time; people take their dogs to another room if there are guests coming over. But when you train your dogs, they are going to behave especially on the public places. You won’t have problems then if you will take them hiking, camping and grooming.  

Develops a Stronger Bond 

Training is not just for dogs to behave around people. The sole purpose is for both of you to have bonding time. When you met your dog for the first time, there’s only a little bond there. But when you spend more time with each other, the dog gets comfortable around you especially if you always do things together. When you bond with your dog, you learn more about him/her. You will discover the things he likes and dislikes. The dog will also learn to trust you, and once you earn that trust he will start responding more to your commands.  

Deeper Understanding 

Once you get to know your dog better, you will form a deeper understand on why he/she acts a certain way. You will know that their needs are. You will learn more about the body language and what it means. Knowing your dog in this level allows both of you to understand each other, thus you’re going to have happier lives.  


 Top Five Benefits You Can Get from Event Aerial Filming

Aerial robots known as drones are totally revolutionizing the ways in which leisure, sporting events, and entertainment are experienced by people as well as documented by professional and experienced aerial video services. In this article, you will be able to find out some of the most desirable advantages of using event drones for aerial photography and videography purposes.  

Aerial Filming

1. Event surveillance 

If any event, no matter what nature is, has a huge following, rises great anticipation from the usual goers, as well as peaks the interests of new guests and guarantees attendance by thousands, then the security and safety of these people is particularly important for the reputation of the event.  

The use of aerial filming of an event for surveillance purposes often includes the crowd movement’s tracking in order to ensure the protection as well as recognizing potential safety threats even before they hamper festivities. Most importantly drones can be able to help officers in the law enforcement when it comes to securing the locations since it is much faster when compared to the usual abilities of a normal camera.  

2. Unlimited Camera Views and Angles 

professional, qualified and skilled event drone photographer also has the ability to capture the event’s panoramic view even before it starts, building up the excitement and ambiance of the event. In addition to that, unlimited camera angles and views mean that the surrounding scenery and environment can be totally documented as well, which is a very great addition to the event’s actual happenings.  

3. Relive the Experience 

The footage gathered by an event drone photography or videography can also be uploaded to the respective social media pages of the event organizers. Therefore, attendees can be able to view their photos as well as videos with a euphoria and nostalgic feeling, as if they are experiencing the event’s energy once again.  

Aside from that, with great video editing applications that are now available at a few button clicks, attendees can be able to cut as well as edit some segments where they appear in the clip as well as post it on their own social media timelines – certainly, this will be a post that many will be envious of.  

4. Extended Reach 

Event aerial videography and photography actually has a more accurate and far greater reach that allows the event drone expert to meticulously maneuver the device to capture captivating as well as detail oriented shots.  

Furthermore, the use of event aerial videography and photography can also be utilized in order to showcase the landmarks which surround the event as well as gives the location more exposure.  

5. Very cost-effective medium of photography 

Event aerial photography and videography is popularly known as a very cost effective and innovative medium of capturing footage compared to hiring a traditional helicopter that consumes a large amount of fuel as well as features a very loud disturbance.