Tips for Pruning and Trimming for Homeowners

Most homeowners come to professional and certified tree service companies to ask pertaining to tree pruning and trimming. While it is always a wiser idea to hire a professional and highly skilled tree service provider in order to get your task completed, there are a lot of few considerations you must know about the significance of pruning and trimming which may help you when the time comes.

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of different kinds of pruning and trimming strategies which will keep your trees on your lawn in pretty good condition. If you are still hesitating about hiring a professional tree service provider to prune and trim your trees, you should consider the following tree pruning and trimming tips:

1. Tree trimming may do great for the appearance of your landscape. Whether you are looking for a method to enhance the looks of your business or home’s landscape, tree trimming may help make your residential or commercial property look polished and clean. When you hire a professional and highly skilled tree trimming service provider, you are definitely taking steps to maintain the appearance and the condition of the trees.

2. Tree pruning and trimming may keep your commercial and residential property safe and secured. Do you know that unruly trees can basically cause danger on your property? If your trees have broken or dead branches, it is very easy for tree limbs to fall off at any unexpected time and situation. When someone is passing by on your property on the unfortunate times, and they unluckily get their selves hurt, you are solely accountable for the untoward incident. Large limbs can, as well, pose a risk to your home and power lines, therefore, hiring a professional and highly reputable tree trimming and pruning service provider to trim or prune your trees every month or so, is always a wise choice.

3. Tree trimming may enhance the health of the trees. When your trees are infected with a disease, strategically pruning and trimming away the tree limbs and branches can lengthen the life of the trees. Many professional and certified tree service Portland providers will work on decreasing the crown of your tree in order to improve the flow of air that can also be very beneficial to the growth of your trees.

Pruning Techniques

The following are some of the few methods on how to prune your tree:


It refers to the removal of the weak, diseased or dead tree limbs and branches from the tree crown.


A professional tree service provider may use reduction pruning if the limbs of the trees are nearing your property or utility lines. This technique is also used in order to decrease the size of your tree.


This pruning method includes the removal of the lower tree branches. Specifically, this is used to clear space for pedestrians and buildings.


When you are thinning your trees, you are basically getting rid of the branches allowing more exposure to sunlight. This may, as well, involve removing crossing tree branches which rub against each other.


5 Natural Pesticides You Can Do at Home

If you have a garden or farm, you would definitely agree that pests and insects are annoying and destructive. It’s one of the most tragic things that could happen, especially if your source of livelihood is the plants you’re growing. Fortunately, there are available pesticides that you can buy to control such pests. These products have chemicals in them that could lead to the pests’ death. However, such products are not safe for the environment and humans. When inhaled, they could be hazardous to our lungs.  

Natural Pesticides

Fortunately, there are pesticides that are made of natural ingredients. You can also make these pesticides at home. So next time that you experience such misfortune regarding pest infestation, you can make these pesticides on your own as recommended by pest control company Austin. These are the following.  


The most powerful natural pesticide is the neem juice. The ancient Indians use neem extract, such as the oil, to ward off the pests or even eliminate them. The reason why need is a powerful pesticide is because of its tree leaf that tastes to bitter. If you want to make one at home, just mix 2 quarts of warm water, ½ ounce of organic need oil and mild organic liquid soap. This particular pesticide has the power of 50 natural insecticides combined. Once mixed; use immediately on the pest problems.  

This insecticide doesn’t only act as a repellent, but it also reduces the feeding of the insects. So once you spray this natural pesticide on the infestation, the pest will have difficulty on growing and laying eggs. They would stop multiplying. The insects’ ability to feed is also hindered; this will lead to their death.  

Salt Spray 

Salt spray is a natural pesticide that treats plants infected with spider mites. You can easily make your own by mixing one gallon of warm water and 2 tablespoons of Himalayan salt. The spray will treat the infected areas. It’s effective and cheap, so you don’t have to buy expensive and dangerous pesticides anymore.  

Citrus Oil and Cayenne Pepper 

If you’re suffering from ants’ infestation, just use these natural ingredients. Just mix 1 cup of warm water, 10 drops of citrus essential oil, and 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, and then shake. Spray the pesticide on the affected area. The reason why cayenne pepper is included in the recipe is because it’s an affective remedy of pest control. They can repel cabbage maggots, spider mites, aphides and lace bugs. The citrus oil on the other hand, has d-limonene which can kill house crickets, fleas and fire ants.  

Mineral Oil 

If you’re growing plants and they get infested with insects, just use mineral oil as a spray. The mineral oil will dehydrate the insects, which leads to their death. Just mix 30 ml of mineral oil (like horticultural oils) with one liter of water. This would effectively kill the mites and insects that stay on the plants, especially during the winter season.  

Chrysanthemum Flower Tea 

This flow has pyrethrum, which is a powerful chemical component that attacks the nervous system of insects. Spraying this pesticide to insects is effective because it can make them immobile. To make one, just boil 100g of the dried flowers together with 1 liter of water. Boil it for 20 minutes. Strain the mixture; cool and transfer to a bottle.  


4 Benefits of Training Your Dog

Dogs are indeed man’s best friend. Having a dog pet in your home increases your body’s level of serotonin. It means that when you see your dog, there’s a certain happiness that you’re going to feel. Dogs are like our children, they see us as their parents and we love them like our own. Dogs have the intelligence of a toddler, so they can understand how we treat them. They also obey us especially if we have commands. They have the ability to recognize our voice, so training your dogs with few tricks is not going to be that hard.  


Aside from the entertainment factor that a trained dog brings us, there are also a lot of benefits from it. The following are the benefits of dog training near San Luis Obispo.  

Saves Your Dog’s Life 

Training a dog increases their level of attention. The more you spend time with them working on commands, the more attention they will pay to what you’re saying. After some time, they will recognize the commands and can follow them immediately. If something bad happens, you can easily get your do’s attention and bring them back to safety. The dog that received obedient training is likely to run out of door and on to the street where it’s not safe. You can call your dog and he/she will recognize your voice right away.  

You Can Take Them to Many Places 

Dogs are naturally playful yet defensive. They will run around the house, jump on your sofa and bark hardly to people they don’t know. When you train your dog, you can teach them commands like going to the bathroom if he needs to pee or poop, sleeping in his assigned bed and to behave around your house. Most of the time; people take their dogs to another room if there are guests coming over. But when you train your dogs, they are going to behave especially on the public places. You won’t have problems then if you will take them hiking, camping and grooming.  

Develops a Stronger Bond 

Training is not just for dogs to behave around people. The sole purpose is for both of you to have bonding time. When you met your dog for the first time, there’s only a little bond there. But when you spend more time with each other, the dog gets comfortable around you especially if you always do things together. When you bond with your dog, you learn more about him/her. You will discover the things he likes and dislikes. The dog will also learn to trust you, and once you earn that trust he will start responding more to your commands.  

Deeper Understanding 

Once you get to know your dog better, you will form a deeper understand on why he/she acts a certain way. You will know that their needs are. You will learn more about the body language and what it means. Knowing your dog in this level allows both of you to understand each other, thus you’re going to have happier lives.